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My interest in terms of cognition has gone through three types of phases.

The first type of phase refers to education, to the acquisition, and to the transmission of knowledge and cognitive processes.

The second type of phases aims at the automation of cognition, based on electronics, computers, robots, machines and networks; in a word: cognitics.

The third type of phase concerns particularly innovative contributions, stemming from my own research work and experience:

  • integrating what my experiences with robots have contributed,
  • widening the attention to the domains that make cognition possible,
  • focusing finally on the most fundamental domains, which cognition allows to better manage.

Cognition is the most appropriate term for our context. Nevertheless, when cognition becomes automated, when “cognitics” develops, when computer engineering spreads, the general public often uses the terms “artificial intelligence” or in shorter form “AI”, or “IA” in French language, hence the AI-IA component of the URL of our corresponding site in French version.

Author: Jean-Daniel Dessimoz, https://www.roboptics.ch/jean-daniel-dessimoz-english-version/

The assistance of DeepL Translation service is gratefully acknowledged here for numerous back and forth improvements between French and English website versions .

Particular reference:

Jean-Daniel Dessimoz, « Cognition and Cognitics – Definitions and Metrics for Cognitive Sciences, in Humans, and for Thinking Machines, 2nd edition, augmented, with considerations of life, through the prism “real – imaginary – values – collective”, and some bubbles of wisdom for our time », Roboptics Editions llc, Cheseaux-Noreaz, Switzerland, 345 pp, March 2020.

Work in progress ! This site is still under construction. For additional contents, please refer to our classical websites still in use : cognitics.org, cognitics.populus.org

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