Cognition, natural or machine-based, brings the proper answer to the challenge of successfully dealing with complexity.

Cognition opens the world of imaginary, for the service of reality, values, and collective behavior. It is central to life, and thus points at four key notions:

  • Good
  • Beautiful
  • True
  • Together

Cognitics is the domain of sciences, techniques and arts of automated cognition.  

Examples of cognitive agents: human (right), machine-based (left), implemented by a collective structure (bottom), or represented in a general way (top). In all cases, we observe a component related to the real (in blue), the imaginary (in green), and the values (in red).

A similar figure, and other documents, can be downloaded, in French or English versions, from the given website (www.roboptics.ch/publications-jdd-plus).

Particular reference:

Jean-Daniel Dessimoz, « Cognition and Cognitics – Definitions and Metrics for Cognitive Sciences, in Humans, and for Thinking Machines, 2nd edition, augmented, with considerations of life, through the prism “real – imaginary – values – collective”, and some bubbles of wisdom for our time », Roboptics Editions llc, Cheseaux-Noreaz, Switzerland, 345 pp, March 2020.

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