Cognition, squeezed between Real and Values

Cognition relates to the imaginary and as such may seem without limits.

Yet an infrastructure in the real remains required (notably cognitive engine, memory, and energy). Thereby some constraints cannot be avoided; at best those constraints can be mitigated by appropriate, dynamic focus on selected values, and integration of collective resources.

This poster (click here to download it, in pdf format ; ca. 1.7 Mb) and other documents can be downloaded, in French or English versions, from the given website (www.roboptics.ch/publications-jdd-plus).

Particular reference:

Jean-Daniel Dessimoz, « Cognition and Cognitics – Definitions and Metrics for Cognitive Sciences, in Humans, and for Thinking Machines, 2nd edition, augmented, with considerations of life, through the prism “real – imaginary – values – collective”, and some bubbles of wisdom for our time », Roboptics Editions llc, Cheseaux-Noreaz, Switzerland, 345 pp, March 2020.

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